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50 West 23rd Street, 7th
New York
New york
NY 10010

Phone: 212 255 9555


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Dedicated volunteers and newcomers to our city work
together at the International Center.
Immigrants, students and others are welcomed into a new
culture and given English-language training so
important to their success here.
For nearly 50 years The Center has been a home away
from home to people from over 90 countries.

Founded in 1961, The International Center in New York
is a unique volunteer-driven community where
immigrants, refugees, students and other newcomers to
the United States come to practice English and learn
about American culture. Among the members of our
international community are immigrants, US citizens,
refugees, asylees, diplomats, visiting business
professionals, international students, temporary
visitors and families.

With a small full time staff of 9 and more than 1,000
volunteers, we offer the region's largest one-to-one
partnership program, a variety of discussion and
lecture classes, structured eight to ten week English
courses, practical skills training workshops, and
cultural programs that help 2,000 members build new
lives in the United States.

In order to reach more immigrants in the neighborhoods
where they live, the International Center has developed
collaborative programs with community-based
organizations throughout the city. Through these
collaborations the Center reaches immigrants who may
not otherwise be able to access our services, creating
connections between individuals and organizations and
building a stronger New York.

The International Center is governed by a Board of
Directors, and also supported by an International
Advisory Council. You can join the International Center
community by becoming a member, volunteering your time,
or by making a donation to support our programs and


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