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25910 Canal Rd,
Orange Beach

Phone: 1-251-210-9037

Website: https://www.charterboatbo

Email: Email Me

Contact: Janet M. Copeland

We are truly dedicated to making your charter fishing experience as easy and fun as possible!

Charter Boat Booker’s goal is to bring together Captains and Anglers from all over the world into one transparent, user friendly and safe marketplace. Captains can list their boats and excursions while Anglers search, compare and book their charter fishing trips!

We’ve created an easier way for everyone to search and compare charter boats and charter fishing excursions in our safe online marketplace. Anglers can find all the information they need about boats and captains to make an informed decision about what will work best for them. They can view pictures, amenities, availability, as well as reading other angler reviews so they know exactly what to expect before they make a decision!

Captains get to list their boats absolutely free, whether they have 1 boat or 100, listing on Charter Boat Booker is always free! Captains accumulate positive reviews from their previous customers and can also post a fishing report after every excursion to show future customers what they can also anticipate when booking an excursion with that captain or boat.

It’s a revolutionary new platform to bring Charter Fishing into the 21st century and we know you are going to love Charter Boat Booker!

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