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310 West Sunset,
San Antonio

Phone: (210) 820-3434

Website: http://www.fordandlaurel.

Email: Email Me

Contact: Sandra Laurel

The law firm of Ford & Laurel, LLC has a combined 42 years of experience in the legal field. Our law firm and competent staff will give your case the personal attention and legal experience you deserve during this difficult time. Sandra D. Laurel is Board Certified in Personal Injury Law and a specialist in her field. Mr. Ford is aggressive in the Court Room. Our law firm specializes in Complex Litigation cases including Serious Injury and Wrongful Death. The types of cases worked on include complex Medical Malpractice cases, serious 18-Wheeler and automobile accidents, construction cases, breach of contract cases, complex divorces including custody cases, adoptions, pre-nuptial and post- nuptial drafting and litigation, class action cases regarding defective products and DWI’s. Ford and Laurel is a San Antonio - Laredo based Law Firm specializing in personal injury cases. Experience you need. Results you want.

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