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2833 Smith Ave #117,
United States

Phone: (410) 941-8070


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Chaya Braun Photography is a boutique studio that specializes in newborn and baby custom photography. It is my passion to capture the amazing beginning of new life, a brand new world with your newborn. Your investment in your baby newborn portraits are an investment that will be treasured for a lifetime. The breathtaking art of your newborn portraits will be a treasured family heirloom, and always evoke that endless wellspring of love for the tiny person who is your child. Newborns change so fast; in just a few weeks you will scarcely remember how little and cuddly your baby was at birth. Our session is all-inclusive: you will receive all of your high resolution images along with fine art prints of each image. Premium collections include canvases and albums. Every collection also includes an online gallery with links to wholesale professional lab printing. Contact me to schedule your session today: 410-941-8070.

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