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811 Lydig Avenue,
New York
NY 10462

Phone: 718-824-6060

Website: www.zivepharmacy.com

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In 1963, Gerald Zive opened a 600-sq-ft pharmacy with one simple idea: give patients good patient care at a fair price.

Almost 40 years later, Mr. Zive kept that promise by meeting the needs of the Bronx community and has taken care of two and even three generations of families!

From such humble beginnings, Zive Pharmacy has evolved to a full-service apothecary with a surgical equipment department. "The key to our surgical department is when we sell patients devices - whether it is a blood pressure monitor or a nebulizer we take the item out of the box and show them how to use the device," Mr. Zive said

With 15 employees, including four pharmacists, Zive Pharmacy takes care of patients with a wide variety of diseases: HIV, Asthma, Diabetes, Hypertension and High Cholesterol.

In 1994, his son Joel joined the practice and incorporated pharmaceutical care, or intensive patient counseling, into the delivery of prescriptions. A nationally recognized speaker in HIV therapies, Joel has won numerous awards from national pharmacy organizations in the areas of patient adherence and ambulatory care. He even was selected for a prestigious traineeship in HIV at Johns Hopkins University. Finally, he has appeared on Fox-TV, ABC-TV and PBS and has been quoted in The Bronx Times, The New York Daily News and The Washington Post regarding various pharmacy issues.

Both father and son agree nothing is more satisfying then helping a patient take their medications correctly and getting a good result from their therapy.


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