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20850 Saratoga Hills
Rd Saratoga, CA 95070



We are IT pros and help individuals and companies with
their IT sales and service since 1988 with A+ record
with BBB. Our engineers have more than 10 years
experience in the IT field and hold degree level IT
qualifications. We continue to maintain a record for
creating solutions for all computer related problems
for both home & business users' needs. 90% of our
customers receive support within 3 hours or less, and
providing a fast, reliable support at reasonable and
very competitive rates. Our No.1 priority is customer
satisfaction to ensure you are very happy with our
service and customer experience every time you book us.
As a result we have gained a strong reputation for high
customer satisfaction throughout the London area.
Combined with our friendly approach and reasonable
rates we believe our service is hard to beat. To hear
what our customers have to say about our services
please see our testimonials.


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